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It is the mission of the City of Huntington Beach to provide sustainable quality services to our residents. As a City, we value accountability, honesty and integrity, fiscal sustainability, community involvement, and openness.

In this effort, we are pleased to provide a website dedicated to Transparency in our City operations. We hope that, to the greatest extent possible, information is readily available within a few clicks for the user.

We want to make sure our residents have access to information and, in that effort, will continually add information to this site as needed. Please use the "Submit Question" feature to ask a question, request additional information be provided on the site, or provide a general comment on the Transparency page. To file an official Public Records Request, please go to the Public Records Request page.

This page is currently under construction so please be patient with our efforts.  More information will be added weekly and as requested.  We thank you and look forward to ensuring that our residents have access to information and that HB is always "Open!"

Budget & Investment Information

Employee Compensation and Pension Information

Openness in Labor Negotiations (Negotiations Transparency)

City Meetings Agendas & Minutes

Elected Officials & Election Information

Administrative Officials

Public Records

Development Impact Fee (DIF) Annual Report

Public Safety Information

City Contracts

Local Tax Information

SB 272 - City IT Enterprise Systems

Community Facilities District Information

Master Fee & Charges Schedule

Code of Ethics

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