Professional Service Agreements Quarterly Report

Professional Services Agreements

Under the City of Huntington Beach Municipal Code (HBMC) § 3.03.020, Professional Services are defined as:  “…those services, which involve the exercise of professional discretion and independent judgment based on an advanced or specialized knowledge, expertise or training gained by formal studies or experience or services which are not readily or efficiently procured by competitive bidding pursuant to Huntington Beach Municipal Code Section 3.02. Such services shall include but not be limited to those services provided by appraisers, architects, attorneys, engineers, instructors, insurance advisors, physicians and other specialized consultants.”

HBMC Chapter 3.03, Professional Services, promulgates local regulations regarding utilizing professional services to include listing the definitions, selection guidelines, procedures, exempt and emergency procedures, authorization by Department Directors, and existing agreements. 

Further, the City follows strict procedures for requisitioning and awarding professional service contracts and these flow charts are designed for a quick summary review of the processes involved.

Finally, the City Council instituted a policy in 2003 to include that all professional service contracts that are entered into under the City Manager or Department Head authority be tracked by the City Attorney’s Office and provided to the City Clerk’s Office for placement as a Quarterly Report on a City Council agenda.   The Professional Service Agreement Quarterly Reports are provided as information to the public and can be found, as with all City Council approved contracts, through the City’s SIRE Public Records request system. 

Quarterly Professional Service Reports

First Quarter 2017  Second Quarter 2017  Third Quarter 2017  Fourth Quarter 2017

First Quarter 2016  Second Quarter 2016  Third Quarter 2016  Fourth Quarter 2016

First Quarter 2015  Second Quarter 2015  Third Quarter 2015  Fourth Quarter 2015

First Quarter 2014  Second Quarter 2014  Third Quarter 2014  Fourth Quarter 2014


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