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Waterwise Living is about reducing our impact on the environment and promoting a balance between the urban landscape and our environment.

We use the catch-all name of Green Infrastructure to describe a multitude of practices and actions. It is our hope sustainable landscaping and the concept of looking at your property as your very own watershed will become the new normal for Southern California. Huntington Beach is located in a coastal desert and average annual rainfall is only 12 inches. During the 2013/14 winter season, we only received 4 inches of rain. The entire state of California is in a drought and it is important we use precious water resources efficiently. These action steps will help reduce your water demand as well as dry-weather runoff and ocean pollution by keeping the water on your property.

Green Infrastructure promotes slowing down water and preventing water from leaving our grounds and properties, storing water for later use or letting the water filter back into the ground, replenishing vegetation and groundwater supplies. Examples of green infrastructure include green roofs, street trees, expanded green space, rainwater barrels, rain gardens/sponge gardens and permeable pavement. These solutions have the added benefits of beautifying cities and neighborhoods, cooling micro-climates created in city environments (think concrete and asphalt), cleansing the air, reducing asthma, lowering heating and cooling energy costs and boosting local economies.

There are many resources if you want to learn more about Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development, swales and berms and sponge gardens. Surf City likes Ocean Friendly Gardens (TM by Surfrider Foundation) and we encourage everyone that enjoys the ocean environment to learn how we can prevent ocean pollution and conserve precious water resources.


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. - Native American proverb










Huntington Beach is famous for the beaches, the pier and the surfing culture




Huntington Beach is known as Surf City thanks to our beautiful beaches, consistent waves and a vibrant surfing culture.




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