ACA - Submit Fire Flow Application

  1. Go to the Accela Citizen Access home page and click on the Create an Application icon under "Fire".

    ACA - Fire Flow Application Step 1


  1. Select “Fire Flow” as the Record Type and select continue.

    ACA - Fire Flow Application Step 2


  1. Select the applicant for the fire flow, to select yourself choose the “Select from Account” button.  Then select Continue Application when all contacts have been added.

    ACA - Fire Flow Application Step 3

  2. Fill out the Information section, below are some tips to help you with the application.

    1. Application Name – If a large development then input the name of the project.  If a single family home, then simply state “Single Family Home”.
    2. Project Address – Input project address.
    3. Fire Hydrant Location – Input the closest intersection.
    4. Type of Project - Use the drop down window to select the applicable project type.
    5. Add the Estimated Water and Pressure needed for the project.
  3. Select Continue Application when ready to submit.

  4. Documents – Documents are optional for a fire flow record.  Upload a site plan if you need to clarify the location of the requested hydrant.

  5. Verify all items in the record are correct and then select Continue Application when ready to submit.

  6. An invoice will need to be paid prior to the release of your fire flow report.  The hourly fee is determined by the Public Work Engineer that performed the fire flow analysis.  See the how to pay a fee section for instructions.

  7. The fire flow report will be completed in 10 working days.

Did you know?

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