Building Fees

  1. Once your online application has been reviewed and deemed complete, you will receive an email notification in regards to Payment Due and will be referenced to a record number. The record number is generated after you have submitted a permit application. On your email, click on the Citizen Access hyperlink and access ACA portal to pay fees due.

  2. You will be directed to the permit referenced in your email. Under the Payments dropdown, select Fees, then click on Pay Fees Due. Then proceed to Step 5 below.

  3. If you are paying fees without the emailed hyperlink, login to your Accela Citizen Access Account. 
  4. Click on the Building tab to view your dashboard for all submitted projects to the City. Once you have located the permit related to the project you need to make a payment on, click on Pay Fees Due.

  5. Review all outstanding fees and click Check Out.

  6. Review your cart and click Check Out.

  7. Fill out all required credit card information, excluding the Shipping Address. Then click NextNote: We do not accept American Express.

  8. Review payment information and click Authorize.

Did you know?

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