Business License Fees

How to Pay for your Business License




You can make a payment for your Huntington Beach Business License online if:


  1. You have recently completed an Application for Business License via this same Citizens Access portal


  1. You are renewing an existing Huntington Beach Business License and
    • Your Business License is expiring within the next 45 days
    • Your Business License has already expired, but is not more than 90 days past the expiration date



Please NoteYou can only submit an online business license application for the following types of businesses:


If neither A or B apply to you, please contact our office for additional payment instructions:


                           Email :   [email protected]


Start by: Logging into your online Account:





Paying for a New Application 






Paying for a Renewal Notice


  • Click on Payments drop down
    • Then click Fees
  • The Fees screen will come up
    • Click Pay Fees

Enter the

  • Business License #


  • Business Name


  • Business Address
  • If your business was started in Huntington Beach before 1996, be sure to clear the Start Date
  • Then click Search



Check Out


**PLEASE NOTE: City of Huntington Beach dose not accept American Express***

Ignore Shipping Address
  • Click Submit Payment





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