Code Enforcement Fees

  1. If you have received a Code Enforcement Civil Citation with penalty fines and/or fees, please follow the instructions on the document to request an Administrative Hearing to contest within THIRTY (30) DAYS from the date of issuance as outlined in Huntington Beach Municipal Code (HBMC) 1.18.100 Request for Administrative Hearing
  2. Full payment of the Civil Citation amount(s) must be paid as outlined in HBMC 1.18.100 Request for Administrative Hearing in Section "B" shown below:
    "B.     To be effective and complete, the request must be received by the City Attorney within 30 days of the date the citation was issued, and be accompanied by evidence of payment of the full amount of the fine. Where a request and fine deposit are mailed by the citee, the request and fine deposit shall be deemed filed on the date received by the City Treasurer. All requests shall be date stamped upon receipt." 
  3. If you cannot pay the full Civil Citation amount(s), you must also request a separate Waiver of Fine Deposit as outlined in HBMC 1.18.110 Waiver of Fine Deposit
  4. The Waiver of Fine Deposit Hearing (must demonstrate financial hardship) and Administrative Hearing (contesting merit of citation) are two (2) different hearings.
  5. To be effective, this form requesting the waiver and the administrative hearing must be received by the City Attorney within 30 days of the date the citation is issued.
  6. To make a payment, please search the "Record Number" you wish to make a payment for.
  7. Login to your Accela Citizen Access Account.
  8. Once you have located the Record Number you need to make a payment on, click on Pay Fees Due.

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  9. Review all outstanding fees and click Continue.

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  10. Fill out all required credit card information, excluding the Shipping Address. Then click Submit Payment. Note: We do not accept American Express.

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