Create and Submit Encroachment Permit Applications

  1. Under the Engineering tab, click CREATE AN APPLICATION.
  2. Under the Online Application section, read the disclaimer, click box to accept the terms, and click CONTINUE APPLICATION.

Under Step 1: People > Contact Details

  1. Enter the applicant contact information. Click SELECT FROM ACCOUNT if you are using existing contact information or ADD NEW if you are adding a new contact.
  2. Click LOOK UP under the Licensed Professional Section. When the pop up window opens. Select ENGINEER from the License Type drop down menu. Fill out the engineer’s information or click LOOK UP to select from a list on file. Select appropriate Engineer and click CONTINUE APPLICATION.
  3. Select the License Number and click CONTINUE.
  4. After filling out both sections of "Applicant" and "Licensed Professional" Click CONTINUE APPLICATION.
  5. If the Licensed number does not appear, click on the right top corner of the screen on ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. Then click ADD A LICENSE.
  6. Select the LICENSE TYPE and the STATE LICENSE NUMBER. This License Number will now be attached to the account. Select ADD LICENSE TO ACCOUNT.

Under Step 2: Location > Location Details

  1. Enter the address (street number and street name) or the Assessor Parcel Number (APN) of the property and click SEARCH. *If the permit is not located at a specific address, skip this step and define street segment/ location in the “Detailed Description” section in the next steps.
  2. A pop-up window with search results will appear.  Mark the circular buttons to identify the correct address and click SELECT.
  3. If the search does not return the expected results, click cancel, then clear, and enter in new criteria and search again. Click CONTINUE APPLICATION.

Under Step 3: Information > Details

  1. Enter the APPLICATION NAME and detailed description.  Click CONTINUE APPLICATION. If the permit location is not a specific address, then define street segment/location in the detailed description.

Under Step 4: Documents > Documents

  1. Click ADD if attaching any relevant documents (i.e. Soils Reports, Grant Deeds, etc.) Click ADD on the pop-up window and choose file from your computer.  Click CONTINUE APPLICATION.

Under Step 5: Review

  1. Please review each section of the application, including Applicant, Address, and Project Information. Any incorrect information can be changed using the EDIT button for the applicable section. 
  2. Once the application is determined to be accurate, mark the CERTIFICATION box and click CONTINUE APPLICATION. 

Step 6: Submittal Complete

Please write down Record Number in order to check the status of application.

Click VIEW RECORD DETAILS to view a summary of the permit application.

Your application will be processed in the order in which it was received.  We will contact you via email with further instructions on finishing the process and once the application has been approved.

In order to update or search for the permit use the PW number that is provided.

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