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Water/Wastewater (Sewer) Proposed Rate Increase Public Hearing April 16

City of Huntington Beach staff takes great pride in providing Surf City residents, businesses, and visitors with safe, high-quality water service essential to your everyday life. Beyond uses for fire protection and sanitation, water is a shared community resource that gives us parks to play in and helps us grow food in our gardens. It is a big responsibility, and the employees who serve you are dedicated and take great pride in their work.  The last time the City raised water rates was five years ago; as you know, costs have risen since then. Recent inflation, lower water use, increased wholesale water costs, and aging infrastructure have negatively impacted the City’s water and sewer utilities’ finances. In addition, aging pipelines, groundwater wells, water distribution systems, and critical capital projects demand regular maintenance, upgrades, and, at times, a complete overhaul. Neglecting the water delivery system may lead to infrastructure failures, service interruptions, and compromised water quality.

To keep pace with inflation and rising costs of providing safe, reliable water and wastewater services, the City is considering rate increases over the next five years, effective July 1, 2024, with annual rate adjustments on July 1 of each year through 2028. The City Council will hear and consider oral testimony and written materials submitted regarding proposed rate increases at the Public Hearing in the Huntington Beach City Council Chambers on Tuesday, April 16, at 6 pm.  In compliance with California Proposition 218, the City mailed an official notice to inform Huntington Beach property owners and water and wastewater customers that proposed rate increases are being considered. The City Council can adjust the proposed rate increases in response to oral testimony and written materials submitted for consideration. We encourage you to read the Prop 218 notice or access the digital copy and related information. You may also request information via email at [email protected] or call (714) 536-5431.


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