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Huntington Beach Celebrates Arbor Day In A Big Way!

Each year, California’s Arbor Day is celebrated for a week – this year, it was held March 7 thru 14, in honor of horticulturist, Luther Burbank’s birthday.  Burbank developed more than 800 varieties of fruits, flowers, and vegetables over his career in California.Thanks to the Huntington Beach Tree Society, working in partnership with the Public Works Department and their award-winning tree staff, the City is proud to have held the distinction of an “American Tree City” for the last 20 years by celebrating California Arbor Day with a tree planting event.  Of course, the City could not obtain this prestigious honor of being known as a Tree City without the help and vigilance of the Huntington Beach Tree Society, who advocates for a greener City.

The Tree Society not only plants and maintains many trees but also educates the public about their importance through programming and events.  This is an all-volunteer organization and if you’d like to get involved, go to their website at

Here in Huntington Beach, we are a true tree city that understands the value of trees and their endless benefits to our neighborhoods and the environment.  Trees provide us with cleaner air, water, cooling shade, habitat for wildlife and endless natural beauty.  Just take a stroll through our parks to understand their importance in Huntington Beach.

This year’s event was held on March 15, 2024, with the help of students from Mesa View Middle School.  The event took on a special meaning as the City celebrates 50 years of Central Park.  The HB Tree Society, the City, and other partners are committed to planting 50 trees to mark 50 years of Central Park! Almost 20 trees have been planted to date, and the plan is to have the rest planted by the end of this year.

We hope you can join us in celebrating trees at next year’s California Arbor Day event.