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Huntington Beach Launches New Website

The City of Huntington Beach is encouraging its residents, businesses, and visitors to surf over to its new website, which has been simplified and made more user friendly.  Instead of having sub-menus buried within scores of confusing menu topics, users will be greeted with a search bar, right up front to get you right to where you want to be.  The new website was created with the user experience in mind and city staff has been working hard to consolidate information and eliminate unnecessary and sometimes duplicative content to get the user the details they need faster.

The City has also incorporated dynamic quick link buttons on the homepage to provide easy access for those looking to make a payment, search for career opportunities, get information from our permit center, and more. These quick links are based on the most visited services and pages within the site and can be easily updated to meet the evolving needs of the community.

“We want the Huntington Beach website to be as forward-thinking as the residents, businesses, and visitors that enjoy our great community,” said Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark.  “This is the online portal to our city, so we want to make sure that the website is intuitive and exceeds the expectations of those who visit.”

Also included on the City’s new homepage is an up-to-date news section with all of the top City news stories and announcements, as well as a calendar of community events and public meetings. This new section will allow the community to remain engaged and aware of the latest happenings throughout Surf City. 

In addition to enhancing the website, the City has implemented an online survey for website visitors to provide their own feedback. Over the next few months, City staff will review information received to identify opportunities for future enhancements. This input will be critical in the ongoing development of the site. Website visitors will be prompted to take a short survey upon visiting the site.