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Recent Updates to Library Operations

The City Council recently approved several items relating to operations at our Library facilities. To ensure everyone within our community has the most up-to-date and factual information on this subject, we have provided an outline of these changes.

Managed Library Services Request for Proposals (RFP): On March 19, 2024 the City Council approved staff to issue a request for proposals for managed library services and initiate a meet and confer with potentially impacted employee unions. The intent of issuing the RFP is for staff to gather more information on the service, learn how it may impact existing staff, better understand the potential cost savings, and see if it could be feasible for Huntington Beach. The City aims to ensure that the same level of service and programming at our libraries will remain in place if a contract were to be approved by City Council.

Inappropriate Children’s Books: On October 17, 2024 the City Council approved Resolution 2023-41 which directs staff to relocate children’s books that may be deemed as inappropriate or obscene to another section of the library. The Resolution is intended to provide parents with options as to the level of access their child has to library materials. No books have been removed or banned from our City’s libraries as a result of this Resolution or other related operational changes.

In February, City librarians established a secondary location within each library and moved books that met the criteria outlined within the Resolution.

Community Parent-Guardian Review Board: On April 2, 2024, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 4318 establishing the Community Parent-Guardian Review Board. The Board will consist of up to 21 individuals appointed by City Council Members. The purpose for the Board is to review all proposed or new children's books and other materials procured by the City libraries or City librarians that may contain sexual content before the books or materials are placed in the City libraries or facilities. The Board is now accepting applications and more information can be found on the City’s Boards & Commissions page.

The development and rollout of these changes are ongoing as City staff continue to work towards implementing the City Council's direction.