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New ADA Restrooms Under Construction at Central Library, Lower-Level

The existing men’s and women’s restrooms in the lower level of the Central Library are in the process of getting a major makeover!

Built nearly 50 years ago, the restroom tile, finishes, toilets, mirrors, glazing, plumbing fixtures, and ceiling are all getting a much-needed upgrade. The restrooms will be modernized and brought up to American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for better accessibility. Additionally, both restrooms will be converted to family restrooms that will include baby changing stations. Tile finishes, along with modern plumbing fixtures, glazing, and new toilets, will be installed. A new hard lid ceiling system will replace the existing acoustic ceiling tile, and new lighting will be included as well. 

These systems and finishes were designed to match or resemble the upper-level restrooms, which were renovated in 2019 to meet ADA standards. The approximately $120,000 project began in February and is anticipated being complete by late May 2024.