Huntington Beach Statement on Court Ruling vs. State of California

Yesterday, the San Diego Superior Court issued a ruling in the case against the State of California regarding imposed housing mandates. Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark and City Attorney Michael Gates have issued the following statements in response to the Courts ruling requiring the City to bring its housing element into compliance.

“We are committed to opposing Sacramento’s overreach. The City Council has instructed the City Attorney to appeal and combat the State’s lawsuits attempting to impose unsustainable and irresponsible high-density housing on our City,” said Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark. “As city leaders, our duty includes both land use decisions and environmental protection. The State’s ‘mandates’ for high-density housing in our City jeopardizes our groundwater supply, harms our wildlife and wetlands, and threatens to escalate pollution and noise. Together with the Council, I will persist in resisting State pressure to safeguard our beloved Huntington Beach and its residents. We refuse to surrender our City to Sacramento’s nonsensical and overreaching mandates.” 

“In spite of Attorney General Bonta's early victory lap in his latest press release, this case is far from over,” stated City Attorney Michael Gates. “Yesterday’s court ruling comes more than a year after the State filed suit demanding swift relief. The State didn’t get it then and it will have to continue to wait as we'll be filing an Appeal. The trial court ruling rests on at least three areas of law that do not apply to this case, creating an erroneous ruling. We'll continue the fight to defend Huntington Beach from the Sacramento assault to destroy our great City - here as the State is mandating a 50% increase in the City's housing stock in just the next few years. The City Council knows the detrimental impacts these housing mandates would have on our City’s natural resources, environment, and quality of life for residents. The City has its best lawsuit against the State's high-density housing mandates presently in Federal Court. We'll continue these battles on all fronts and we will not be deterred or intimidated. The fight continues.”