Learn About the City's Amended Bicycle Regulations 

As summer kicks off and a new school year looms, the streets of Huntington Beach will soon be bustling with bicyclists. As a reminder, an ordinance passed last year amending Chapter 10.84 of the Huntington Beach Municipal Code (HBMC) concerning bicycle regulations. This action enhances public safety in our community by introducing significant changes.

Under the revised code, law enforcement officers have the discretion to issue civil or criminal citations, depending on the circumstances, to individuals riding bicycles, e-bikes, or electric-powered motorcycles in an unsafe manner. This allows enforcement beyond public roadways to address dangerous behavior on private property accessible to the public, such as shopping centers.

Examples of unsafe bicycling behaviors include riding on sidewalks without watching for pedestrians, going against the flow of traffic on sidewalks or highways, and failing to yield to vehicles or pedestrians when required by the California Vehicle Code. Additionally, actions like swerving around traffic, carrying passengers on bikes not designed for it, or disobeying posted signs are also considered unsafe.

These amendments also grant officers the authority to tow bikes operated by juveniles, including Sur-Ron bikes, that are not street-legal, to increase safety on our streets. Our primary objective is to prioritize and enhance public safety in Surf City. For more detailed information about the amendments to HBMC Chapter 10.84 and bicycle safety, please visit Bicycle Safety/Education.