Marine Safety Offers Paddleboard Safety Tips

Water enthusiasts flock to Huntington Harbour during the summer, but the Harbour offers the perfect setting to paddleboard or kayak any time of year.  Our Huntington Beach Marine Safety Division wants to remind everyone of some key safety tips as the Harbour’s main boating channel is busy with many different types of water crafts:

  • Know how to swim
  • Make sure to have a life jacket with you (as required by law)
  • Wear your leash, if one is available
  • Stay clear of boats and always give them the right of way
  • Do not disturb wildlife
  • Do not use alcohol or controlled substances while engaging in recreational water activities
  • Wear brightly colored life jackets and apparel in well-traveled waterways
  • Be aware of environmental factors and check the weather before heading out
  • Bring a whistle to warn other boaters, and if you’re in the water after sunset, bring a flashlight or similar lighting device, like a headlamp, so boaters can see you

Our Marine Safety Officers and lifeguards are always happy to talk with you about how you can ensure you are water safe. We’d like to remind less experienced paddleboarders to stay away from swimmers and other surfers until you are more comfortable.  In case of an emergency:

  • Do not abandon your board in the water
  • Paddle to the nearest dock for assistance. Docks in the Harbour are privately owned, so please only use them in case of emergency
  • If you cannot paddle, wave your paddle from side to side to inform others that you need help