Have a New Business Project? Our Streamline Surf City Specialists Will Guide You!

Have you heard about some of the newest set of tools offered as part of our Streamline Surf City initiative?   Established in January 2024, Streamline Surf City was developed as a starting point for businesses to get new projects off the ground without the worry of navigating through multiple departments.   We are pleased to announce new ways to enhance the overall process, not just for businesses but also for the general public.  

A team of city staff, known as Streamline Specialists, guide businesses through any step of their project that creates a challenge.  This team provides dedicated service via in-person and/or virtual meetings. They are dedicated to debunking the myth that starting a business is confusing and help point new businesses in the right direction.   Since the program began, the team launched:

  • Solar App – Solar Permits can now be issued instantly without wait time for plan review
  • Customer satisfaction surveys on all permit issuance notifications –  provides an opportunity to express success or improvements needed.
  • Monthly Metric Report for performance transparency
  • Quarterly reporting on Streamline services success

Of these new offerings, the most exciting is the upgrades to the City’s permitting portal (ACA).  A mobile application will soon be rolled out to improve the way various inspections can be scheduled and text notifications will be sent when inspectors are on the way.   Instant permit issuance is getting installed into ACA so that once fees are paid, a permit is issued - eliminating wait time.   Additionally, a new fee will be available for expedited plan review coming in the new fiscal year.  

All these activities are part of our ongoing effort to make interactions with City departments more connected and convenient.   If you would like more information about Streamline Surf City for an upcoming business need, please contact a specialist by phone: 714-375-5142 or via email: [email protected]