Beach Parking Pass (714) 536-5281

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Purchase a Annual Beach Parking Pass online or in person at the following location:

Beach Headquarters
103 Pacific Coast Highway
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(714) 536-5281

The Annual Beach Parking Pass allows you to park at the following locations:

Annual Beach Pass is not valid:

Available Beach Parking Passes:

Beach Parking Pass Rates

Please bring your license plate number, vehicle year, make and model. 

Beach Parking Pass

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General Passes

Senior Citizen Passes
To qualify for a senior citizen discount, the senior must be present with a valid Driver's License, showing a minimum age of 62 at the time of purchase, and must present their current vehicle registration listing their name as the registered owner (one discounted Senior Citizen pass per senior citizen per year). 

Veteran's Passes
To qualify for a veteran's discount, please bring your current vehicle registration with Veteran's name AND a Veteran's Designation driver's license or a certified DD214 Form.  Must be with a Honorable Discharge.  (one discounted Veteran's pass per Veteran per year).

Disabled Passes
To qualify for a disabled discount, please bring your valid driver's license, current auto registration with disabled person's name, valid DMV paperwork and placard with matching disabled name. Disabled person must be present at the time of purchase.  (one discounted Disabled Pass per Disabled Person per year).

Replacement Passes
If you purchase a different vehicle or replace your windshield during the year, bring the pass in and it will be replaced. If you do not bring in the pass you must pay full price. 

Oversize Vehicle Passes
May be purchased for vehicles between 20’ and 40’ in length. These vehicles are permitted to park in the attended beach parking lot between Huntington Street and Beach Blvd. Oversize vehicles parked in the attended beach lot may only occupy two (2) spaces that are adjacent to each other from front to back. Vehicles must not overhang walkways or service access areas.  

Gift certificates are available. Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Cards are welcome.

Promenade Parking Structure
Main Promenade Parking Structure

1. Annual Beach Parking Passes are to be used for beach access only.

2. The parking pass must be permanently affixed  to the window of the vehicle for which it was purchased using the adhesive on the pass when the protective coating is removed.  Completely affix the pass to the inside, lower left corner of the front windshield (driver's side). The pass is non-transferable between vehicles and may not be altered or modified.

3. Fraudulent use of a parking pass may result in a fine and will result in the denial of the ability to purchase a City Beach Parking Pass for three (3) years.  Examples are:

a. Altering a pass or number in any way
b. Affixing a pass to a vehicle in which the pass is not registered
c.  Producing a duplicated or counterfeit pass
d. Failure to attach to vehicle (see item 2)

4. All posted signs (permanent or temporary) must be obeyed including lot closure postings.

5. Passes are not valid at street meters between 10:30 pm and 5:00 am.

6. If you purchase a different vehicle or replace your windshield during the year, bring the pass in and it will be replaced for $10.00.  If you do not bring the pass in, you must pay the full price.

7. Passes expire the first day of the month following the punched month. There is NO GRACE PERIOD.

8. Standard, Senior, Veteran's and Disabled passes are VOID on vehicles over 20 feet (including overhang).

9. Oversized Vehicle Passes may be purchased for vehicles between 20' and 40' in length.  No busses or commercial vehicles i.e. box trucks, etc. may purchase this pass.  Vehicles with an oversized pass are permitted to park in the attended Beach Parking Lots between 1st Street and Beach Blvd. only.  Oversize vehicles parked in the attended beach lots may only occupy two (2) spaces that are adjacent to each other from back to front.  Vehicles must not overhang walkways or service access areas.  There is no RV parking allowed on any City Street in Huntington Beach.

10. The City is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced passes. Another pass can be purchased at the current price.

11. Possession of this pass does not guarantee a parking space. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

12. You may be restricted from parking in certain areas of the lots during Sunset Vista Camping Season (October 1 – May 31) and during selected Specific Events - Please refer to the City’s website for the Specific Events Calendar

13. Main Promenade Parking Structure has entrances on Walnut and Olive Streets. You must pull a ticket to enter the parking structure and this ticket must be presented to the parking attendant upon exit or you will be charged a lost ticket fee. Your pass allows you to park for one day at a time. The day ends at 3:00 am. Fees will be charged at exiting if cars are parked for more than one day. Vehicles parked more than 24 hours are subject to ticketing or towing and the subsequent fees.

14. This pass is the property of the City of Huntington Beach and may be revoked at any time.

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Beach Parking Pass

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