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As the State continues to be an international leader in environmental stewardship, so too has the City of Huntington Beach been a leader in implementing new sustainability initiatives.

Over the years, the City has implemented a number of strategies and projects that reduce energy, conserve water, and reduce waste. The City has completed numerous energy projects that conserve scarce resources.

The California Energy Commission selected and awarded funding to accelerate the deployment of Advanced Energy Communities with the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Challenge. The City of Huntington Beach is hosting a research project aimed to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and energy consumption with the Advanced Energy Community (AEC) research project taking place in the Oak View Community.

The goal of the project is to develop tools that will help plan and design an integrated set of energy infrastructure and advanced energy technology in a Huntington Beach community. The research will integrate new energy innovations with the existing community electrical grids, infrastructure and buildings. This research will help maximize the cost-effective use of renewable energy sources, mitigate the increase in intermittency impact on the local utility grid, reduce emissions in the community, reduce life cycle cost of energy consumption for rate payers, and improve grid reliability and resiliency.


Current Community Energy StructureCurrent Community


Advanced Energy Community Vision

Advanced Energy Community Vision


Partners & Roles:

UCI APEP School of Engineering: is the Prime contractor and overall manager, with extensive experience in executing research and demonstration program in power and energy, and smart grid and microgrid related fields.

City of Huntington Beach: is the site provider for the AEC Community design and planning project. The City is also responsible for outreach and has hired a CivicSpark Fellow. Additionally, a graduate student from California State University, Fullerton is creating a workforce development plan.

Altura Associates: has years of experience facilitating energy efficiency investment projects and programs. Their team’s expertise includes feasibility analysis, energy strategy development, design support, renewable planning, finance structuring, controls system development and commissioning.

NREL: has the capabilities of the existing OpenStudio energy modeling software platform. Tasked by the U.S. Department of Energy with the lead role in the development of OpenStudio and its underlying simulation engine, EnergyPlus, as part of this leadership role NREL facilitates contributions from other National Laboratories and academic institutions.

SCE: Southern California Edison is the electric Energy Service Provider partner for this project.

SCG: Southern California Gas Company is the Gas Service Provider for the project.

The AEC EPIC research project will enable the City of Huntington Beach to continue to make progress on the community’s energy efficiency goals. With this project the community will rely less on traditional electricity and will be able to harness natural resources so that they help reduce greenhouse gases from entering the environment.




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To contact us:

Catherine Jun
Assistant to the City Manager
Energy & Sustainability Project Manager
Phone: (714) 536-5579
E-mail: [email protected]


Jack Brouwer, Associate Director National Full Cell Research Center
Position Description: Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: (949) 824-1999
E-mail: [email protected]


Jim Maclay, PhD., P.E.
Associate Principal
Altura Associates
Phone: (949) 296-5341
E-mail: [email protected]






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