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Auto Pay

Tired of writing checks to pay your utility bill every month?

By enrolling in Auto Pay, your regularly scheduled utility bill is automatically paid from your checking account by your bank 14 days after your bill date.  This gives you plenty of time to review your statement before it is paid in case you have any billing questions.

Enroll in our Auto Pay service online. You'll know it has started when you receive your first bill that states, Your Account is on "Auto pay - Do Not Pay." This means no more writing a check or spending money on postage for your utility bill.

All it takes is a few easy steps. Begin by clicking below. For questions, please call customer service at (714) 536-5919

Auto Pay Enrollment


What is Auto Pay

Auto Pay allows a customer to authorize the City to debit the customer's bank account for the amount of the bill. This means no more writing a check or spending postage on your utility bill.
Will I still get a utility bill each month?

Yes. However, Auto Pay customers who enroll will be required to enroll in paperless billing. Your bill will be sent to your e-mail address. This helps reduce paper waste and the city's expense of printing, processing and postage. We will continue to send you a monthly bill that you may review and keep for your records. On the front of the bill you will see a reminder "Your Account is on Auto Pay - Do Not Pay."
How do I sign up?

Visit our partner site to enroll in our eBilling and Auto Pay services.

Auto Pay Enrollment
How long will it take to process my enrollment?

The time will vary. You should continue to pay all bills that do not have the message "Auto Pay Service "Do Not Pay."
When will the money be withdrawn from my bank?

The funds will be withdrawn from your bank account approximately 14 days after the bill date.
What happens if I don't have the money in my account when the City charges it?

The Auto Pay will be returned to the city unpaid. It is viewed by the City as a check payment and will be processed as such. There will be a $30.00 return item fee and you may be notified that you must come in to the office to cover the payment by cash or money order. Additionally, should you have two returned items you will be removed from this program. (Effective January 6, 2017, there will be a $25.00 return item fee for the first occurrence, and second return fee will be $35.00 along with removal from this program).
What happens if I change banks?

If you change banks, you will need to update your online account information.
What happens if I feel I have been over-billed?

Should you wish to dispute a bill, please contact customer service at 714.536.5919 and we will assist you. We may require you to pay the bill and an adjustment will be made if the bill is determined to be incorrect.
Since the public has access to City records, will the information I provide be public record?

No. Financial information is exempted from the Freedom of Information Act unless otherwise specified by court order.